Hugh Welford

About Hugh Welford

Hugh graduated with honours from the University of Exeter with a BSc. in Chemistry and Physics. He worked with computers for most of his life. He worked on on-line computer reservation systems for the UNIVAC division of Sperry Rand as long ago as 1969 to 1973. He worked on message switching systems for Cable & Wireless Ltd. (1973 to 1975) in Hong Kong and Jamaica.

He also worked on student enrolment systems for the University of Wales (1995 to 1998) and had a variety of skills to which he could turn his hand. He restored and rebuilt a series of ruins including, latterly, his two magnificent houses in France. (He is pictured above on the steps of his last project.)

In 1998, he met up with Andropause Society President Dr Malcolm Carruthers working together on the design of medical practice management systems leading to the development of IDEA, the Integrated Data Entry and Analysis programme for use in both medical research and management of patient data.

Hugh was closely involved in the inauguration of The Andropause Society and continued to work as the Society’s webmaster and technical adviser up until his death. A key figure in the organisation of the International conferences the charity has held at the Royal Society and at the Royal Society for Medicine and a driving force behind our medical training courses and seminars, he is greatly missed.