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November 2011

The Daily Mail
I thought only women got brittle bones: One man's struggle with osteoporosis after a hip fracture

The Daily Mail
How HRT can keep men's bone young - and stop mood swings

October 2011

GPs urged to test for hypogonadism in diabetic men

The Daily Mail
Disappearing muscles, lack of energy, mood swings, snoring... Is your man suffering low testosterone?

The Daily Express
Doctors Fail to Recognise Risk to Men
Study confirms high testosterone/lower CV event link in older men

International Business Times Australia
Male Menopause: UK Research Recommends Testosterone Treatment

The Times of India
Testosterone therapy overcomes male menopause

Daily Mail
Male menopause affects 2million Brits but 'can be safely cured with testosterone treatment'

The Independent
British research backs 'male menopause' cure

The Scotsman
Scottish men have the least satisfying sex lives in Britain

September 2011

A Global Issue
Testosterone Deficiency ‘Down Under’

Psychology Perspective:
The Mid-life Crisis or Simple Hormonal Imbalance?

June 2011

Irish Medical Times
A fresh look at testosterone therapy

BBC Radio Scotland
John Beattie Interviews Dr Malcolm Carruthers, President of the Andropause Society

The Scotsman
Case study: 'I generally feel so much more positive about life'

May 2011

The Daily Express
Midlife Crisis Was All Down to My Hormones

April 2011
Testosterone replacement could help diabetic men

Low testosterone increases risk of death in men with type 2 diabetes

Daily Mirror
Diabetic men with low testosterone more likely to die

March 2011
Testosterone Gel Shows Effects on Diabetes


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