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Recent papers on TRT and CVD

Year of publication: 2014

Is Testosterone Treatment Good for the Prostate? Study of Safety During Long-Term Treatment.

An updated audit of prostate safety from the UK Androgen Study was carried out to analyze the incidence of PCa during long-term TRT.

Year of publication: 2012

Testosterone treatment and mortality in men with low testosterone levels.

Low testosterone levels in men have been associated with increased mortality. However, the influence of testosterone treatment on mortality in men with low testosterone levels is not known.

Year of publication: 2012

International web survey shows high prevalence of symptomatic testosterone deficiency in men.

Though the clinical significance of testosterone deficiency is becoming increasingly apparent, its prevalence in the general population remains unrecognised. A large web-based survey was undertaken over 3 years to study the scale of this missed diagnosis.

Year of publication: 2011

Time for international action on treating testosterone deficiency syndrome

Testosterone deficiency is having an increasing impact on men's health because of global aging, higher levels of obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome and adverse environmental factors such as stress xenoestrogens and anti-androgens. The question addressed is to what extent the large body of evidence on the benefits and safety of testosterone therapy is applied in clinical practice

Year of publication: 2009

Are the adverse effects of glitazones linked to induced testosterone deficiency?

Adverse side-effects of the glitazones have been frequently reported in both clinical and animal studies, especially with rosiglitazone (RGZ) and pioglitazone (PGZ), including congestive heart failure, osteoporosis, weight gain, oedema and anaemia. These led to consideration of an evidence-based hypothesis which would explain these diverse effects.

Year of publication: 2008

An Androgen Resistance Syndrome (ARS) in the Adult Male?

There are many theoretical parallels, as well as biochemical links, between the insulin resistance seen in maturity onset diabetes and metabolic syndrome, and androgen resistance. As with insulin, the resistance to androgens may vary between tissues, and decide the physical, mental and pathological expression of their actions throughout life.

Year of publication: 2006

Androgens, andropause and neurodegeneration

Exploring the link between steroidogenesis, androgens and Alzheimer's disease.

Year of publication: 2005


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